MOST men pride themselves on their ability to satisfy their partner’s sexual needs.But that was not the case for Tshediso Lejara (45), whose poor performance in bed caused him to lose the love of his life.

Tshediso, from Caleb Motshabi in Mangaung, said his 4-5 started losing the plot last March. He said: “I thought I was diabetic because I had weak erections. But the doctors said I did not have diabetes and that worried me. My girlfriend threatened to leave me if I didn’t please her as I used to.

“She dumped me in September. That was after I tried the Viagra tablets the doctor prescribed to me.”

But Tshediso’s life changed for the better when he started drinking the traditional beer better known as umqombothi.

A few cartons of traditional beer are all he needs to turn his sleeping 4-5 into a rock hard rod of passion.

“I only need to drink three cartons a day to keep my girlfriend happy all night.“A carton only costs R10.”“Traditional beer gives me the energy I need at night.“Whenever I drink this traditional brew, my girlfriend does not get less than three rounds.

Tshediso’s new girlfriend (33) said he is a master in bed.

“He keeps telling me about the sexual problems he used to have. But after what I’ve seen, it’s hard to believe.

“He is a monster in bed.“Unlike my previous boyfriends, he does not get tired easily.”