A man from Binga District has shocked the Tonga community by marrying his sister with whom he has sired two children.

Herrod Munkombe courted his younger sister Melody Munkombe and impregnated her in 2008. Herrod and Melody are siblings born by the same mother. The development angered their mother only identified as Martha and she ejected them out of her homestead.

“We are very embarrassed as a family. Herrod and Melody are born by the same mother although different fathers. In our culture, a mother’s relative is considered a close than one from your father’s side. This is despicable,” said their brother Noel.

Herrod refused to comment on the matter.

“We have suffered enough humiliation about this issue. I don’t want it published on newspapers,” he said before hanging up his phone.

The couple’s mother said her prayer is to die and leave her two embarrassing children behind.

“I am ashamed of these two souls that I brought to earth. When this started, people started talking around and for some time I thought they were jealous of my children. It finally dawned on me when Melody became pregnant and said the man responsible was her brother. The day she disclosed that, I fainted for sometime but now I am realising that it could have been better for me to die and leave them to enjoy themselves,” she said with a bitter voice.

Asked why she has not reported them to the police, Martha said it is difficult for a mother to report her own children but it dying is a solution.

“I couldn’t stand their sight after they committed the abominable offence and I chased them from my homestead. Now it appears chasing them was uniting them in matrimony because they have since settled as husband and wife.”

Martha said some relatives have tred to knock some sense into their heads but they have all turned deaf ears