A Bulawayo man produced photos of his mother-in-law’s pa.nties in court which he claimed he took from their garden after the latter had allegedly put them on top of their vegetables to dry.

The man,George Dhliwayo ,who claimed it was unhealthy for his mother in law to dry her undies in their vegetable garden also suspected that her actions were allegedly associated with some sinister motives.

George ‘s protest like-action of displaying his mother in law ‘s undies came out at Bulawayo Civil court where his wife Ratidzai Dhliwayo had dragged him whilst seeking a protection order against him.In her application Ratidzai told Bulawayo magistrate Evylene Mashavakure that her husband was verbally and physically abusing her.She also said her husband was also denigrating her mother by calling her a witch.

“I am applying for a protection order against George Dhliwayo who is my husband .We have four children together.He is in the habit of verbally insulting and assaulting me in front of our children.The abuse will be over petty issues.As a result of his physical abuse I have sustained severe chest pains and the doctor said I will end up stroking.

“He is always threatening to kill me .He also insults me saying my mother is a witch.As if that’s not enough my husband does not also allow me to do additional business .I want this court to stop him from his abusive behavior,” she pleaded.

Ratidzai ‘s passionate plea however angered her husband who said by seeking a protection order against him the applicant was allegedly trying to ‘fix’ him.

“We usually have problems if her mother is around and again those problems cannot be solved whenever her mother is around.Her mother is the one failing to reprimand her.

“Another issue is that I am suspecting that there is something wrong with my mother in law .She is always putting her undergarments in our vegetable garden for drying.To my surprise the undergarments are always and repeatedly put on the same place and will be on top of our vegetables.

“To prove that I have pictures of the underwear on my phone,” said George while showing the magistrate pictures of the underwear in his phone .

In her ruling the seemingly shocked magistrate ,however ordered George not to verbally and physically abuse her in any way.