RESIDENTS watched a woman cop and a suspect exchange fire on Monday, almost as if they were in a Hollywood cops and robbers movie.

The suspect had sneaked up on an unsuspecting policewoman at Etwatwa cop shop in Ekurhuleni and grabbed her gun.

According to witnesses, the man had been heard earlier saying he wanted money for Christmas and would do anything to get it – even robbing a bank.

After he had grabbed the cop’s gun, one of her colleagues ran after him.

And that’s when things got heated.

Screaming residents ducked and dived and ran in all directions as bullets flew everywhere.

Still, the brave cop ran after the thug for almost a kilometre before shooting him in the head.

He fell on the ground and was certified dead on the scene by paramedics.

A crowd soon gathered around the body and many residents started clapping for
the cop. They said the area needed more cops like her.

Captain Ramothakhi Maqabe of the Etwatwa cop shop warned thugs not to undermine women cops.

“They have been trained and they know how to use pistols,” said Maqabe.

“We commend this member for the bravery she displayed.”

He said the thug had walked into the
police station pretending he was looking for help before grabbing an officer’s pistol.

“Police stations are public spaces and anyone can go into them, but you never know their intentions,” he said.

Cases of attempted robbery and culpable homicide were opened at the police station.