A Zimbabwean man identified as Tineyi Moyo, caused a stir as he reportedly beat up the corpse of a man, Learnmore Dube, whom he claimed had an affair with his wife, Selina Nyoka, before his death.

Dube’s funeral was ongoing on Saturday evening when angry Moyo stormed the deceased’s home and then proceeded to beat his corpse up for sleeping with his wife.

Zim News is reporting that Nyoka was devastated at the news of Dube’s death.Moyo reportedly noticed his wife’s anguish and after questioning her, discovered that she had been having a secret affair with the deceased.

Speaking on the bizarre incident, Chief Chireya of the Magamba village, said Moyo decided to get his ‘revenge’ even in death.“He came to the funeral wake and started insulting everyone who was there and demanded to see Dube’s corpse.

“He said his wife had confessed to having an illicit affair with Dube,” the Chief said.The Chief noted that he summoned Moyo to his presence to defend his actions.Chief Chireya quoted Moyo as saying, “I was angry after discovering that he was sleeping with my wife.“What made me angrier is that the truth came out when he was dead, meaning I couldn’t confront him.

“Therefore, I decided to beat him and honestly I felt better after beating him,” the Chief said, adding that Moyo had been released but was levied three cows which he must handover to the deceased’s family as fine for disrespecting them.