ZAMBIA-According to Zambian Accurates Reports, se_x workers in southern province have started to refuse to have se_x with men who are ci_rcumcised.

The blog reports that se_x workers in the district are allegedly avoiding attending to men who are ci_rcumcised as they ‘take too long’ during se_xual encounters and that this is bad for their business.

Studies have shown that men who are circumcised prolong se_xual encounters than those that are not states the blog.

“MARCH Zambia, a non-governmental organisation dealing with HIV/AIDS programmes, said the se_x workers complain of losing out on business when they encounter men who are ci_rcumcised than those that are not as it is ‘short time’ on the latter”.

“Meanwhile, several circumcised men in Mazabuka have admitted being stranded se_xually after Se_x Workers’ Association of Mazabuka (SEWAM), resolved not to be attending to ci_rcumcised men”.

And Representing the circumcised men, Henry Nyanga said it it was sad that se_x workers decided to start refusing having se_x with ci_rcumcised men.

Ironically, Mr Nyanga called on the government to intervene in the matter and prevent se_x workers from discriminating against such men.

“We all want se_x, and it is extremely unfair for some of us (ci_rcumcised men) to be discriminated against due to our ci_rcumcised man hood”, he said. “We are all Zambians, we need to enjoy our rights also”, said Mr Nyanga furiously.