A Harare woman is on demand with citizens for selling se_x enhancing herbs. Gogo Mukwapura, who operates near Coppacabana bus terminus said she has herbs for both men and women.

“I have many herbs that I sell to both men and women. These herbs help both women and men to perform well in bed. I have herbs that help to enlarge men’s ma_nhood sizes. I also sell herbs that enlarge women’s la_bina minora. I also have herbs anosuka mabhora evarume kubvisa tsvina yaanenge awana kumukadzi pabonde. I also have herbs that warm the women’s body so that her husband will have the most se_xual pleasure so that he will never go and cheat. I have so many herbs and I even have another type of herb inosimbisa musana uye unoita kuti murume anyatsonzwe kuda bonde,” said Gogo Mukwapura.

She even said that she has herbs that help cleanse bad luck.

“The herbs that I sell start from $0, 50, $1, depending with the problem at hand. I even have herb that solve problems that occur in relationship, for example in a relationship if people break up, these herbs help them to get back together. I even help women with herbs that cleanse their wombs and also those who have problems of conceiving and miscarriages,” said Gogo Mukwapura. She urged couples to come and get help the natural way.

Source-H Metro