WATER from a burst pipe has been flooding Thembeka Sithole’s house.

This has been happening since last month.The 33-year-old from Snathing in Pietermaritzburg told Daily Sun the Msunduzi Municipality was taking so long to fix the problem her yard had
become a lake.

“I try to scoop all the water out of my house every day, but it just keeps coming back,” said Thembeka.

And her furniture is now damaged!

She first noticed there was a problem when she woke up one morning and there was water on her floor.

“I was very confused as it wasn’t raining,” she said.

“I called the municipality and officials came to check.

“They found that an underground pipe had burst.

“They promised to come back the next day to fix it, but I never saw them again.”

Each time she called the municipality they promised to sort out the problem soon, but it never happened.

Spokeswoman Thobeka Mafumbatha said the municipality was attending to Thembeka’s problem.

Asked why it was taking so long to fix it, she said: “Our engineers have to check a lot of things to make sure no further damage is done and the pipe never bursts again.”

She advised her to visit their offices to claim compensation for her damaged furniture.