A MAN convicted of brutally killing a schoolboy is taking Scottish prison authorities to court in an attempt to get his penis pump back.

According to The Press and Journal, Imran “Baldy” Shahid (39) is furious that a warder removed the 4-5 pump from his cell, on the grounds that it wasn’t necessary and may even cause long term damage.

Shahid claims he needs it to fix his floppy 4-5 and that he can’t take the Viagra a doctor prescribed because it makes him feel sick.

Shahid is serving a 25 year sentence for his part in the vicious death of Kriss Donald (15) in 2004. According to reports, Kriss was targeted because he was white and snatched off a street in Glasgow by Shahid and his gang. They then drove him about 320km to a quiet area before stabbing him 13 times and setting him alight.

The post-mortem showed that Kriss was likely to have been alive when he was torched.

Appearing in Peterhead Civil Court in north east Scotland last week, Shahid is reported to have argued that a warden had no right to make decisions about a medical condition.

Shahid is also trying to get back his Xbox 360 and about 100 games taken away by prison authorities because it could be used to connect to the internet.

Convicts in Britain are denied online access.