Mnangagwa was Monday fired by President Robert Mugabe for allegedly exhibiting traits of disloyalty, disrespect and deceitfulness.

According to, the Botswana leader Ian Khama was a surprise participant in the social media merriment, coming in with a cheeky Facebook post in which he noted that; “another Vice President has lost their job as a result of a fall from GRACE.”

While the famous English expression aptly describes Mnangagwa and predecessor Joice Mujuru’s misfortunes, the choice of the word Grace was evidently a cheeky reference to the Zimbabwean first lady.Three hours after Khama’s post, it had attracted over 138 comments and been shared over 230 times.

Most of those who commented seemed to enjoy the Botswana President’s observation while others soughhis support to oust Mugabe – democratically.

Khama has been a blunt and public critic of President Mugabe’s controversial leadership style, defying deference of other regional leaders to a man seen as an African liberation icon.

Source: New Zimbabwe