705 01.07.2017 Socialite Zodwa Wabantu was seeing among the celebrities who attended the Durban July at Greyville race course. Picture: Motshwari Mofokeng

Uganda’s Ministry of Public Service has issued a directive that if you were not looking at the date could have easily come out of the play book of some brightly colored dressed despot with a feather in a safari hat.

  • No dresses or skirts above knees
  • No showing of cleavage
  • No open shoes unless a doctor proves it is for health reasons
  • Only black and brown shoes
  • No bright hair
  • No sleeveless blouse
  • No see-through material

For men it is limited wearing long-sleeved shirts, jackets and ties, trousers that are not tight, keep their hair short and neat, and also not wear brightly-coloured clothes.

And this is 2017.

By the way, these standing orders have been there since 2010 but have generally been ignored since.