BANELE Mahlangu and his four friends dream of winning the Stumbo Stomp dance competition.

But the boys have nowhere to practise, so they’ve been dancing at the local cemetery.

Banele (18), from KwaThema, Ekurhuleni told Daily Sun although they were practising among the graves, they were making progress and hoped to win the competition in December.

“We are not afraid of the dead. We think they’re blessing us.

“We chose the graveyard because it’s nice and quiet, and helps us be creative,” said Banele.

He said they had been practising at the cemetery for the past two months.

“Everywhere we want to go to practise, people want us to pay. Here we dance as much as we want for free,” Banele told the People’s Paper.

Cemetery workers said it was entertaining to watch the boys.

“We just tell them not to break the tombs and ensure they dress properly,” said a worker.

Siyabonga Mzwakali, one of the dancers, said they were appealing to members of the public to help them with dance clothes for the competition.