All the boys can agree that Kikky BadAss might be undoubtedly the sexiest RnB/Hip-hop female phenomenon to ever come out of Zim. Yes, she typically has it all. The figure, the look, the sensual dance moves and the candid lyrics which sometimes are very candid about sexuality.

Oh boy, we are talking both eye-candy and honey for the eardrum.  Some years ago I was introduced to her music via some young friends of mine Fab Johnson, Rayo  Beats and Taz Da Prince who insisted I watch this girl and I was resident in Karoi at the time. I loved it, she was singing an acapella verse.

I had no idea she would take it further but am delighted she did, the acapella thing did not disappoint at all. Well talking about anyone in their absence is considered gossip  (and this is not a celebrity gossip blog thank you) so I called Kikky BadAss to to fill us in on some burning questions.

Mcpotar:  So your stage name. Kikky BadAss, do mainstream media people, DJs and so on sometimes feel like censoring the “Ass” part when they introduce your tracks?

Kikky BadAss: Well not that I’ve heard anyone censor my name , maybe they do I just haven’t heard them .
Mcpotar: Which of your gifts are your audience most in love with. The singing or rap? Which one would you like them to give more attention?
Kikky BadAss: I feel they love both , most want to see me rap , others love me singing , I’m giving attention to both ,the singing and the rap.
Mcpotar: As a woman who is candid about sexuality in her content, dressing and overall appeal. Do you at times have to deal with criticism and backlash from family, relatives and religious people from your community?
You know the preachy, this sounds inappropriate talk?
Kikky BadAss: [Laughs] I get a lot of backlash from people on Facebook but considering the age group I don’t let it get to me , we are in the trap era, a whole new culture has been birthed and as an artist I will portray whatever the culture is about. And considering the religious group , I really don’t pay attention to them everything is a sin as long as it’s not in line with mentioning the creators name. I just think the relationship between God and I is between us , I know when it’s suffering and I know how to fix it if there is need.
Mcpotar: Your new video is awesome. Vusa did great with visuals. How long did it take to create and of all your songs why did you choose it. (watch Body Conversations here if you missed out)
Kikky BadAss: Well it didn’t take me long to write that song , it was written overnight and recorded the next day , fun f did the damn thing , and shout out to my ex he was the inspiration behind it and he is the one who made the beat. I choose it because it’s my song. [Laughs]I love it. Vusa did the most also creating that fantasy and putting it into visuals .
Mcpotar: Are you self managed or you have a management team and represent a stable or record label.
Kikky BadAss: OMG Studios handles my bookings and everything else relating to me as an artist .
Mcpotar: How do you deal with criticism from potential fans or haters? How do you respond to compliments.
Kikky BadAss: It depends on the day to be honest. Sometimes I just see people back lashing me I go on their profile and peep if they are worth my response , most of them ain’t . While others criticize and instead of taking offense I use it to build my brand into a better one .And the compliments I love those and I appreciate them.
Mcpotar:  Who has been the one most important human being (besides yourself) in your career?
Kikky BadAss: Marcus Mafia , Trey XL and My father, I feel they are the ones responsible for me wanting to do this so bad . Times I just didn’t care and the pressure they put didn’t allow me to just sit down and not do anything with my talent. They are the reason why I’m here.
Mcpotar: If someone is being introduced to you via this post. Which is the one link you want them to see first before deciding if they gonna roll with you or not?
Kikky BadAss: Just give them my Vevo name (KikkybadassVevo) and my SoundCloud (Christabelle Kikky) let them go on there and listen to my stuff.
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