FOR months, women have been reporting incidents of clothes left to dry out on washing lines being stolen.

And all of them have something that’s very strange in common . . .

They agree that the laundry snatcher only steals panties!

Surprisingly, it has emerged that the alleged thief is a 15-year-old boy, so it goes without saying that his mum is very, very worried about him.

The boy sneaks into shacks in TV and Mandela sections near Westonaria, Gauteng . . . yet he doesn’t steal phones, television sets, or even money.

He only steals women’s panties!

Phindile Mavela (29) said: “We put paint and glue on the panty liners and spread it around footpaths in the area. We finally caught the thief red-handed.”

When the SunTeam arrived at The Base, where neighbourhood thugs are tried and disputes are heard, the 15-year-old boy stood accused of being the sneaky mastermind behind the series of petty crimes.

His mum (31) said: “I think my son is cursed. I think he needs prayer.”

According to sexologist Dr Eve, stealing panties may be a fantasy or part of normal sexual development.

“It only becomes a problem when the boy’s behaviour interferes with the law, and stealing is a crime,” said Dr Eve.

Sexologists study human sexual interests and behaviours.

Sergeant Linki Lefakane said: “We encourage people to bring such matters to us. We don’t discourage community leaders from community arrests, but the cops must be involved.”

Locals said they’d report such cases in future.