WHEN thugs broke into Xolelwa Qeqe’s house earlier this year, they also stole her ID, forcing her to reapply for another one.

But now she has discovered that she’s married to her former boss.

Xolelwa (30), from Mcambalalala Village, Cofimvaba, said she was told of her alleged marriage when she went to a Home Affairs’ office to apply for a new ID.

“I nearly fainted when they told me I was registered as Xolelwa Bachu, and that my husband was Abul Bachu.

“Abul owned the spaza shop in the village and I used to work for him.

“According to Home Affairs’ marriage certificate, we were married in April 2015.

“I had stopped working for him by then because I found another job.”

Xolelwa said that Abul once asked for her ID.

“He said he wanted to open an account so that he could transfer my wages from his account. I didn’t have a bank account at the time,” said Xolelwa.

“I gave him permission to open an account for me. I didn’t suspect anything and he returned my ID.” Xolelwa said that was her mistake.

“I confronted Abul about the matter, but he denied it. I then went to the police station to open a case.

Now I can’t even get my kids’ grant because of the fake marriage.”

Abul claimed the fraud was committed by his brother, who had since returned home to Bangladesh.

He said he believed his brother would return to Mzansi.

Mzuphela Phangeni, a manager at Home Affairs in Cofimvaba, confirmed that they knew about Xolelwa’s matter.

But he refused to comment further, only saying the matter was being investigated by the police.