Hlompho Mabena* had heard “great things” about the Cape Town shisa nyama Mzoli’s Place, a popular tourist attraction.

But his visit to the restaurant ended with him in hospital after he was attacked by a knife-wielding thug, he told TimesLIVE.

“I will never go back. I value my life way more,” Mabena said.

He said he was stabbed outside the restaurant on Sunday after being accosted by three men demanding his phone.

His assailants ran away without taking anything , but Mabena suffered a stab wound to the back and was treated in hospital before being discharged.

He took to social media this week to share his ordeal.

“I thought this was a unique situation but then I started talking and people started sharing their stories. I’m not trying to tarnish his business but this post was just a warning. I want Mzoli to increase his security and I want people to continue to go. But one stabbing is one too many for a business. It shouldn’t be a norm,” said Mabena.

His post, which included images of his bloody clothing, was shared more than 5000 times on Facebook and got thousands of comments.

Many posters claimed that they or their friends had also fallen victim to crime in the vicinity.

The comments ranged from support for Mabena – who chose his pseudonym for “safety reasons” – to personal accounts of stabbings, gunshots and robberies outside Mzoli’s.

Tsitsi Chiumya, a Cape Town resident and comedian, recently experienced a robbery attempt outside the restaurant.

He was in his car when a man opened the door, attempting to steal his phone, but Chiumya tried to defend himself.

“I realised at that point that I would probably get stabbed. I was waiting for him to do it.

“Fortunately, the fighting got a bit too much for him and he ran away,” said Chiumya.

Owner Mzoli Ngcauzele’s daughter, Sisanda Ngcauzele, who helps run the restaurant, was asked about the incident this week.

“I don’t know anything about it. People visit the area. So, whatever happens to them it always comes back to our brand name because it’s a well-known place,” she said.

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