DIKELEDI Kgwase thought her life was over when a heartless thug jumped into her bed and got on top of her.

But as the man started strangling her she decided to fight back . . .


Dikeledi got hold of his left thumb and bit down on it so hard that the top came off!

The 45-year-old from Khotsong in Bothaville, Free State told Daily Sun she was asleep when the man broke into her house in the early hours of Sunday morning and tried to rape her. She said when she fought back and bit him, the thug got such a big fright, and was in such agony, that he fled the scene, leaving the tip of his thumb behind.

“I was sleeping when I was suddenly woken by a strange noise but I didn’t pay much attention to it. My kids had gone to night prayers and I thought it was one of them coming home.”

However, she suddenly realised the person moving around in the dark was a stranger.

“When I asked him who he was and what he wanted, he immediately jumped on top of me in my bed. Like a hungry lion, the intruder grabbed my throat and started strangling me,” said Dikeledi.

“When I felt his strong hands around my neck, I thought I would die. I decided to be brave and fight for my life and I managed to grip his left thumb with my teeth.

“I bit down with all my strength, hoping the pain would weaken him.”

Dikeledi said when she bit him the intruder didn’t even scream.

“When the end of his thumb came off, he realised he had been defeated and ran off.”

Police Captain Stephen Thakeng confirmed the incident and said the cops were still looking for the suspect.

“He is still at large and his finger was found at the scene.

“A case of housebreaking with intent to rape was registered. Anyone with information should contact Constable Rose Kobo on 082 466 7923.”

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