Zimbabwe’s Vice President, Phelekezela Mphoko has done it again. After spending nearly 5 years investigating complex social issues, he has once again shared with the world his discoveries.

Speaking at a function is his home province of Matebeleland, the VP as he is affectionately known took time to share his wonderful words of wisdom.

” I am always telling you i should be the one to take over because i am the best brains in the country. I spent several years, over 5 of them, studying complex questions about humanity” he bold stated.

“Did you know i found out, after several months of dedication, and research, that, a human being is physically and biologically incapable of bearing offspring with a wild Zebra?”

“I am not sure about the domesticated Zebra, as i could not find one for myself to test. Or could i interview anyone about it. I am also not sure if a wild Zebra had the same DNA as a house Zebra or a toy Zebra” he added

“But i promise you, i will find out very very very soon. I am in the habit of coming up with these answers. I am your saviour, your Ndebele Jesus. I will answer it for you”

“But that said, let me tell you, a wild Zebra and a human being, especially a Shona human being, is dololo”

This is not the first time the VP has graced us with his wisdom. Just last month, it was him who found out that all orphans do not have parents at all.

He promised to share with us more and more wisdom in coming weeks.