A private abortion clinic in Ladysmith has come under fire after a nurse who works there made a startling confession when she was caught red handed eating aborted babies.

The nurse who gave the press the name ‘Patricia’ was caught feasting on the corpse of an aborted baby in the store room. Perhaps the most queer things is Patricia is known for only working night shifts. Chaos unfolded when she was caught by another clinic aid in the store room.

“I had gone to get fresh sanitary supplies in the store room for the people who were coming for the morning duty. That’s when I stumbled upon Patricia sitting cross legged on the floor with blood filled hands” the aid said in a statement to the press.
“I realized it was a human baby after i saw the umbilical cord, that’s when I ran outside screaming for everyone who would hear me”

Patricia said she has no recollection of said events except that she says she always feels like something has taken over her body.
When quizzed further she revealed that her ‘church’ send her to work at this hospital and this ‘church’ specializes in devil worshipping.
“I started going there as a teenager. They believe that eating a dead fetus will make your powers stronger as a baby is still innocent”

The head of the clinic refused to comment said Patricia has since been suspended and could face criminal and civil charges.

Source: Online (with info from imzansi)