Woman posts newspaper advert asking for sex to revenge Boyfriend


WHEN MIRRIAM and her boyfriend broke up she wanted revenge.

So she dreamed up an evil plan that would hurt him and his family . . . she posted their details online
Now the kganyago family are living a life of hell as offers of dirty sex keep streaming in.

Phuti Kganyago, the family’s eldest daughter, spoke to Daily Sun from her house in Tembisa, near Joburg.

Almost in tears, she said the ex-girlfriend had posted their names and cellphone numbers on Moghozi, a gossip website that lists magoshas who advertise on the internet.

“She took our names and phone numbers and wrote disgusting messages on the website. She said we were sex workers who operated a business from home,” said Phuti.

She said the messages were in Sepedi but under Phuti’s name was the message: “I have opened my thighs for adults in Moletjie and surrounding areas, it is cold today and I’m waiting for you.” Another message read: “Men where are you? I have opened my thighs and vagina.”Phuti said not even her 15-year-old daughter had escaped Mirriam’s revenge.

The message under the young daughter’s name read: “My vagina needs a big penis even if you don’t have any money.”

Phuti said under her mother’s number were the words: “Today’s weather is cold and I need a big penis.” She said she didn’t know why her brother Frank and his ex-girlfriend, Mirriam Soafu, had separated.

When we opened the Moghozi site, they saw that Phuti’s boyfriend, Duncan Tsipa and Frank had also been listed. The messages read: “I need a lady who is HIV-positive who can be with me.” The family said Frank told them Mirriam lived somewhere in Germiston but he had never been to her house so they didn’t know where to find her.

Phuti’s boyfriend, Duncan, said whenever they look at their phones there are messages from people who want to meet for sex.

“During the day we get more than 10 calls and about 30 to 40 from the evening until we go to bed at night. We are pleading with people to stop calling us as we never posted these messages.”

Mirriam confirmed that she was very angry when she posted the messages.

“I was angry and the family insulted me,” she said. She said Frank’s family should not have involved themselves in her problems.

“I was not in love with them. They should have stayed away. I don’t deny or regret what I did,” she said.

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