Before ‘Mr. Steal Your Grandma’ Irvin Randle popped up on the scene with his beard, fit body and skinny jeans, 70-year-old Arlette Leveque had been turning heads on social media for quite some time. A bikini photo here.

A se_xy bodycon dress here and there. And don’t forget the signature six-inch heels (usually with a matching purse).

Thousands of photo shares later people either see Leveque as an inspiration, or question why a woman “her age” chooses to dress this way.

Regardless of how people feel or see her, Leveque styles her way across social media and through life unapologetically.

“My age is a number I choose not to be defined by and my style of dress is a reflection of my youthful spirit and self-confidence, as well as my lifelong passion for fashion,” Leveque said.

Take a look at her stunning photos below :


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