Anonymous Hackers Knock Down EFF Website


Cape Town – Hacker Activist Group, Anonymous Africa have this morning taken down the website for South Africa’s radical racist political movement, The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) led by Julius Malema.

At 00:00 midnight the official website for the EFF went offline after Anonymous Africa had earlier announced they would take the site down in retaliation to what they term an openly racist and despotic agenda.

The Hackers, largely believed to be a splinter group of the world famous Anonymous Hackers – hackers who hack for good – registered their displeasure with the state of affairs in South Africa, and stated it was time they did something about it.

In a series of tweets via the Anonymous Africa official handle, the group started what has become their signature countdown.

The commander of the EFF, Julius Malema reacted by blocking the group on twitter, but did not offer an official response, neither was he able to stop the attack.

The group also tweeted that they would attack the website of the ANC at mid day, in response to grand corruption currently bedeviling South Africa largely through the hand of the ruling party, and the President, Jacob Zuma whom they singled out for stealing.

In the tweets the group also expressed that they have taken exception to Julius Malema’s propaganda and “dumb” politics.

The group promised to move on to South Africa’s ruling and governing party the African National Congress (ANC), whom they promised they would knock down at mid day.