How To Apply For Your Smart ID Card Online


POLOKWANE – Soon we’re all going to have to say goodbye to our beloved green ID books as they are being replaced with shiny new Smart ID cards.

The cards, according to Home Affairs, will have better security features and will be extremely difficult to forge.

The card body is secure and durable, made of quality polycarbonate materials which will prevent tampering.

It also has two forms of security features:

  • The first is physical security features on the card body such as holograms, laser engraving and personal details which will provide visual verification of the card and easily identify tampered cards.
  • Logical security features include fingerprint biometrics and biographic data which is embedded on the 80 kilobytes card chip.

Personalisation with laser engraving of demographic details and photographs makes the new card extremely difficult to forge or tamper with. The smartcard will cut down on the fraudulent use of fake or stolen IDs, which is a major concern.

Applicants can apply via the new e-Channel portal on the Home Affairs website but it is only open for applicants ages 30-35 for now.

Here is the link if you wish to apply

Smart ID 3

You will be sent a one-time PIN (OTP) and a verification email. You will need to click a link in the email, while the OTP must be entered into the page.

Smart ID 9

Payment options are available for Absa, FNB, Nedbank, and Standard Bank. You can also skip the payment step and pay when you visit a branch.

Smart ID 10

To complete your application, you must visit a branch where your fingerprints and photo will be taken.

You can either make an appointment at the branch that supports priority bookings, or visit your nearest branch within 60 days of submitting the online application.

  • Capricon Voice