Students Told: ‘No ANC Card, No Practical’


Precious Radukununu of Mashau Village near Elim said she visited the Makhado Municipal offices in July last year after the Northern Technical College, where she is enrolled, issued a statement that all final year students in financial management should undergo practicals for 18 months in order to qualify for their diplomas.

According to Radukununu, she and a friend went to the municipal officer to process their applications, upon which the man asked to which political party they belong.

“I told him I am an ANC member, but that I didn’t have a membership card. I was then instructed to put my CV in a different pile to that of my friend, who had a membership card.”

No Anc Card, no pratical
No Anc Card, no pratical

Radukununu’s friend was subsequently called by the municipal officer and invited to do her practical. Radukununu was not contacted.

When I asked my friend why the municipal officer demanded to know our political affiliation, she said if one doesn’t have an ANC membership card, you can’t get an opportunity for internships or practicals. Her opinion was that municipal officers don’t care about your performance at school, and that what matters is the membership card of the ANC.

“Now I’m doing my financial management practicals at a primary school and I doubt if the college will award my diploma. I’m angry with the Makhado Municipality. I was afraid to disclose it fearing to lose my life, but the time has come to disclose the matter,” said Radukununu.

The chairperson of the DA at Mashau village, Jonas Mugovhani, said it was unacceptable for municipal officials to request proof of political affiliation of applicants.

“What happened in Makhado clearly shows that ANC card-carrying members can get anything they need and others are rejected solely based on their political affiliation,” said Mugovhani.

Spokesperson for the Makhado Municipality, Louis Bobodi distanced the municipality from the officer’s behaviour saying the matter would be investigated.

“What happened to this student is unacceptable. We will surely be investigation the officer implicated,” he said.

The officer in question denied knowledge of the incident, and declined to comment on the matter.

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