WATCH VIDEO: Zim Prophet Saves Cyril Ramaphosa’s Life


Zimbabwe’s biggest and most celebrated prophet, Emmanuel Makandiwa, who leads the United Family International Church (UFIC) issued a shocking prophecy about South Africa’ Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa three weeks ago, warning him that his “life was in danger”.

The celebrity gospel preacher, considered the posterboy of Prosperity Gosepl in Zimbabwe, Emmanuel Makandiwa leads arguably the third biggest church in the entire African continent. In Zimbabwe alone, his church has over 3 million followers, in a country whose adult population is just around 6 million. Meaning half the adults in Zimbabwe follow his church.

In a video released on his official church television account, Christ TV, the prophet said that God told him to pray for Cyril Ramaphosa’s family, because their life is in great grave danger.

The prophet says God gave him a vision, with Ramaphosa’s name. He said God told him that he saw in the vision, the Ramaphosa family in turmoil as they were searching for “something that had taken off which was not supposed to take off.”

In the video, the prophet said God told him that the matter would have something to do with re-mapping (the tweaking of engine’s for better performance) and would be linked to a disaster involving the air.

In the prophecy, Makandiwa said, “it was clear, it was written Cyril Ramaphosa”

The prophet stated that Ramaphosa should not fly, as the aircraft he would fly with had hidden technical faults, and if it took off, Ramaphosa would die.

Three days later, Ramaphosa who was scheduled to several different venues announced that his appearances would be cancelled because of mechanical problems affecting his aircraft.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is one of the less controversial of African prophets, and in his 8 years of a billion dollar ministry is yet to be named in any controversy.

His followers fondly flaunt the fact that he has never issued a fake prophecy in his entire time in ministry, and his prophecies are always spot on and clear, unlike the likes of TB Joshua, Walter Magaya, and company.

The video warning Ramaphosa to investigate his planes, and that his life was in danger is said to have been released weeks before the actual problems began. The church states that it was their prayers, and their warnings that led to the investigation of the plane, and saved Cyril’s life.

At the time of writting, the Presidency had not commented on the matter.

You can Watch The Prophecy Video Below

Report By Maynard Chizavare

Credits: Christ TV