Drama In CBD As Wife Busts Hubby Shopping With Smallhouse


A HARARE man,only identified as Shito,yesterday caused a stir in the CBD when he was caught by his wife doing shopping with his alleged girlfriend.

After being humiliated,the man accused his wife of being unhygienic.

“Arikuparadza mari achitengera pfambi mbatya ini ndichitambura nevana kumba,ngaandipe chikwama ne cellphone aende zvake nehure rake,”his wife was heard saying dragging both of them at corner Robert Mugabe Road and Sam Nujoma street near Eastgate Shopping Mall.

Vendors,including money changers and city of Harare cleaners,restrained the three only to be told that his wife was not smart.

Husband busted shopping with small house
Husband busted shopping with small house

“She is my wife but I turned to this girlfriend because she does not want to bath,just look at her saka ndodii,’said Shito inviting women to have a chat with his wife.

Shito surrendered the wallet and his cellphone to his wife and left the scene with the girlfriend.

Ngaaende zvake angavhaire neka US$78 kaanotambira ikako,tarisamuone tuma dollar twasara,”said his wife taking the opposite direction accompanied by her young sisters.

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