44 People have already been killed on farms since the beginning of the year, AfriForum said on Tuesday.

Ernst Roets, Deputy Chief Executive at AfriForum, described the murders as a crisis and accused the police ministry for refusing to prioritize crimes on farms.

He outlined four reasons why farm attacks should get priority:

  • Calculations by independent research institutions indicate that the chance that a farmer is killed is two times greater than the chance of a police officer.
  • These killings are often accompanied by excessive levels of brutality.
  • Farmers have an essential role in society, particularly with regard to job creation and food security.
  • Farmers lives in remote areas, far from neighbors and the nearest police station.

“Despite these reasons, the minister, the police department and the South African Police Service (SAPS) refuse to combat these crimes with the necessary urgency”, he said

Source – Maroela Media