Nkululeko Chauke, Nkuli Habedi’s long time friend, was called to testify in the ongoing murder trial today

Chauke was with the rapper and his girlfriend Sindisiwe Manqele at The Sands in Sandton, before the rappers fatal stabbing.

Chauke claims he has known Manqele for 8 years as she is the late rapper’s girlfriend.

Chauke told the court that they were in high spirits when they got to the club that evening.

Once at the venue, Skwatta Kamp manager Peter Lynch’s girlfriend invited them to come sit with her and another group of people.

Chauke told the court that Manqele was sulking because she thought Flabba was flirting with the woman.

Whilst this was going on, another woman whom Chauke identified as only Kea, joined them. The woman hugged Habedi and spoke to him for about two minutes, while she poured herself a glass of whiskey from the bottle Habedi’s group were drinking, Chauke said.

Chauke said Manqele was irritated by the encounter with Kea and she continued sulking. Chauke confirmed that Kea was Habedi’s ex-girlfriend.

Manqele then turned to Habedi and shouted that he’d disrespected her by flirting with his ex in front of her. Habedi reassured Manqele by saying he had not been flirting with Kea.

The couple’s argument ended momentarily as the rapper had to go and perform.

Chauke stated that upon their leaving the nightclub himself and the rapper were involved in an altercation with two men. The unknown men had stopped to speak to Manqele and Chauke’s girlfriend when he (Chauke) and Flabba had gone to greet some friends.

The men didn’t want Manqele and Chauke’s girlfriend to leave. After the altercation, Manqele and Habedi once again argued.

Chauke testified that Manqele said to Habedi that it was unfair that he could flirt with women but she couldn’t talk to men. She went on to further say that Habedi did not pay her bills.

The argument continued. Chauke says the argument lasted another 15 minutes into the clubs parking lot.

Chauke told the court there was no violence between the couple as they argued. He said the couple were seated on the pavement of the parking lot and eventually the tension seemed to blow over.

Chauke said they went as a group to MacDonald’s but Habedi said he would not eat as “he had lost his appetite”

Manqele responded to this by saying that the rapper should not expect to share her food. Habedi jokingly called her stingy and Manqele responded to this by saying ‘you are used to your whores giving you what you want’

Chauke confirmed to the court that there were no further arguments in the car after this. He said Manqele fell asleep in the car on the way to drop him and his girlfriend off.

Chauke said Manqele was drunk and was stumbling when they left the club.

Manqele is facing a charge of murdering her rapper boyfriend‚ Habedi‚ 37‚ on March 9. She has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Habedi died as a result of a stab wound to the chest at his home in Alexandra‚ Johannesburg.

The state alleges that Manqele‚ 26‚ intentionally killed Habedi‚ but she said‚ through her counsel‚ advocate Norman Makhubela‚ that she stabbed him in self-defence during an argument.