A public confrontation between award-winning DJ Sbu, his estranged wife and a wealthy Joburg tenderpreneur has led to the total collapse of the artist’s marriage.

Even though the love triangle dispute happened in June, it has only emerged now that the tiff was the last straw that broke the camel’s back, leading to the DJ, aka Sbusiso Leope, vacating his matrimonial home at the exclusive Eagle Canyon golf estate in Honeydew, west of Joburg.

The love triangle drama was disclosed to Sunday World this week by one of Sbu’s close business allies after he and other mediators failed to help Sbu patch things up with his geologist wife.

Sbu’s business associate, who asked to remain anonymous, has now laid the blame for the DJ’s failed marriage on the door of tender millionaire Edwin Sodi.

“Sbu and his wife had their own small differences that we were helping to deal with until Sodi came into the picture,” said the associate. “But after Sbu bust this man at the airport taking his wife on holiday, no one could convince him otherwise. We even asked some politicians and other big business people to try and help mediate but Sbu threw in the towel.”

Sodi, who was also accused of wrecking the marriage of rapper ProVerb last month, confirmed that he was dating Sbu’s ex-sweetheart Disebo Makatsa but denied that he was the cause of the break in the couple’s marriage.

He also confirmed that Sbu pounced on him at the OR Tambo International Airport while he and Makatsa were on their way to Hong Kong for a business trip.

Sbu declined to give a detailed version of the incident and what happened after the confrontation.

“It’s a sensitive matter. Besides, I don’t want to talk about my private life in the media,” he said.

Makatsa said: “I don’t want to comment on anything.”

Sodi said: “We were about to board a plane at about 6am when he walked towards me and said ‘is it you? I’m disappointed, I’m disappointed my brother’. I told him that Disebo told me that she was no longer seeing him when I met her. I then asked him to verify that with Disebo who was standing next to me but he just kept quiet and did not even look her in the eye.”

Sodi said he then told Makatsa to remain behind so she could resolve her issues with Sbu but she refused.

“We then boarded a plane and left. On our way to our destination I then asked her if she lied to me when she said she was no longer seeing Sbu and she said if she was still seeing Sbu, he would have asked her what she was doing with him at the airport. She insisted that she and Sbu had broken up when we met,” he said.

Sodi said he sent Sbu a text message and asked him to sort out the misunderstanding with Makatsa but he never replied.

“I was trying to reach out to him to say I’m prepared to walk away if Disebo lied to me but he never reached out to me. Instead I’m receiving death threats. My life is in danger,” he said.