Zimbabwean witches sue colleague over human flesh
Zimbabwean witches sue colleague over human flesh

In a bizarre incident that has shocked Bikita District, in Zimbabwe, two women who are alleged to be witches have reported a colleague to a traditional leader’s court because the colleague is refusing to have her child sacrificed for the group’s supply of human flesh.
The women (names are supplied) claimed that they each killed their children and ate the human flesh together with the colleague. They complained that the accused was now refusing to have her child killed although it was her turn to supply human flesh to the group. Chief Clemence Mpakwa confirmed the case in an interview with The Mirror and said everyone in the district is shocked by this turn of events.
The matter came to light when the witches claimed that they ate the human flesh of a popular tout at Nyika Growth Point who died a week ago. The tout is said to be the son of one of the witches.
The women are from Musavengana Village under Chief Mkanganwi in Bikita. Chief  Mpakwa said they will on Saturday appear before a traditional court.
The matter came to light after the women quarreled over who among their children was the next to die for their supply of human flesh. The complainants have formalised their case with Village head Benias Musavengana and trial will be there this Saturday.
“This is not a rumour, the matter has been brought before  Musavengana in whose village the three reside. I have received a letter confirming the matter and they will appear on Saturday (August 20),” said Chief Mkanganwi.
When contacted for comment,  Headman Musavengana said he was still in shock since he never thought people of that calibre were in his village.
“It shocked me so much that I decide to refer the matter further up to Chief Mpakwa” said Musavengana.
The woman whose turn is to have her child killed is allegedly refusing to make the offer saying that the tout who died at Nyika was thin and her child that they want killed is fat and bigger. “It is disgusting for a community to sink to such levels of open witchcraft. I will call the parties involved in the issue and get the full details,” said chief Mpakwa.