The ‘Tobva Tadii Paya’ artisanal gold miners accused of gang raping suspected prostitutes approached the High Court yesterday applying for an inquiry to have the investigating officer in the matter subpoenaed.

Through their lawyer Tawanda Takaendesa, the suspects Prince Chikomo, Romeo Chirara, and Admire Chirongoma, all aged 18, submitted a medical affidavit that confirmed the suspected prostitutes had genital infections.

Their claim has been backed by a medical affidavit they submitted as evidence which confirmed the complainants were sick with genital warts.

High Court Judge Justice Clemence Phiri ruled that the investigating officer in the matter should appear in court to answer to the issues raised by the trio on whether they were assaulted.

The matter has been set for hearing on Thursday with Justice Phiri indicating he wants to know why the matter has been postponed four times.