Originally by The Chronicle

A Bulawayo man who allegedly ra_ped his ex-wife after promising her ZITF tickets has been arrested.

Details are that the half-na_ked woman narrowly escaped from the snare and she ran home wearing a petticoat.

The matter was reported to the police who recovered the woman’s clothes from the man’s house.

The would be ra_pist who was advised to apply for bail at High Court is set to be trialed on 14 May before magistrate Lungile Ncube.

Prosecuting, Mrs Memory Ndlovu said on Friday, the accused dragged his ex-wife to his place of residence saying he had some trade fair tickets that he got from his uncle.

“At the man’s home the accused suddenly pulled the woman’s blouse and dragged her into his bedroom.

“The accused forcibly had unprotected se_xual intercourse with the woman. The complainant screamed but no one could hear her as the radio was turned on high volume.”