Originally by New Zimbabwe

A notorious Avenues lady of the night  well-known for terrorizing her male clients and robbing them of their belongings has now been arrested after being on the run from the law.

Gaylar Muroyi, 27 was captured after being on the run for six months.

She was remanded in custody and the court advised her to apply for bail to the high court.

The lady of the night had several warrants of arrest since she pulled a no show at court and failed to answer for other pending cased.

She is being accused of committing the offenses with eight other accomplices.

Four are already on remand while the other four are still on the run.

The complainant in the latest case is one Wongani Mawola Banda.

Court heard that on the day in question, Banda was parked at Five Avenue shopping centre when Muroyi’s accomplice approached him and pulled up his t-shirt to reveal a pistol which was tucked in his trousers.

It is alleged that that moment Muroyi and four other individuals got into the vehicle and pulled Banda to the back seat.

One of the suspects took control of the vehicle and they drove to a house in the Avenues area while Banda was blindfolded.

When they entered house, the group allegedly started assaulting Banda.

They took his bank cards and ordered him to give them his personal identification numbers (PIN) for the bank and Eco Cash accounts.

Prosecutors say the group stripped the complainant and started taking photos of him while in the nud_e, threatening to ‘leak’ them on social media.

After they were given the bank access codes, the four of the accused went shopping and later released Banda around midnight.

He reported the case to the police, resulting in Muroyi’s accomplices being arrested two days later.