A gang of 11 armed robbers raided a Harare company and stole close to $2 million in cash then went on to buy luxury vehicles and rented houses uptown..

According to the testimony  the heavily armed  robbers assaulted security guards manning PHI Commodities in Aspindale and proceeded to steal seven laptops.

After committing the offence, some of the suspected armed robbers changed residence and moved uptown.

The prosecutor Ms Linda Gadzikwa alleged that on April 2 around midnight Josi, Dzingai and their accomplices hatched a plan to rob PHI Commodities at 17 Foundry Road, Aspindale in Harare.

They drove to the place while armed and parked their getaway vehicle outside.

They jumped over the precast wall and gained entry into the premises before pouncing on Cephas Kisimesi and Cephas Chiutawo, who were guarding the premises.

The two guards were assaulted and forced to lie down before being handcuffed.

Two of the suspects were left guarding them.

The other robbers proceeded to the office complex where they looked for cash and valuables.

It is alleged they accessed strong room keys and stole seven laptops.

They then used explosives to open another room where they allegedly found sacks and boxes full of cash in $2 and $5 bond notes denominations amounting to $1 799 960.

They loaded the cash into their vehicle and sped away.

Josi immediately vacated the house he was renting and moved to an uptown apartment.

He was later arrested following a tip-off and implicated the other suspects.