A Harare man was reportedly kidnapped by a quartet of women before they took turns to r_ape him at an undisclosed place in Rusape.

One  of the women,  Estery Dhliwayo (34) was charged with kidnapping and aggravated indecent assault by Harare magistrate Josephine Sande.

The victim was a hitchhiker who got a lift from 4 women, along the way he was sprayed with an unknown substance causing him to lose consciousness.

It was revealed that the victim (name with held)  could not identify the name of the registration vehicle used by Dhliwayo and her three partners in crime.

The women allegedly ra_ped him after he regained consciousness at around 11am.

The victim then noticed that he was in a dark room in the company of Dhliwayo and her accomplices.

Dhliwayo is also said to have taken the victim’s phone and sent herself $12 using Eco Cash.

Source-Daily News