UK based Zimbabwean blogger Rutendo Tichiwangani, has yet again uploaded another video in response to her plea for help with visa fees which went viral over the weekend

The Slayqueen who had to resort to begging the internet community for donations to pay for her visa to remain in the UK , was met with a stinging backlash for taking what many deemed to be ‘an easy way out’.

This perplexed many people who were in question about the lifestyle she portrayed on Instagram ( sporting designer bags that are in a price range of £800-3000 pounds and Brazilian wigs which cost a fortune, not only to purchase but to maintain as well.

While she has responded in a series of deleted tweets that the clothing and bags where borrowed from friends and the lifestyle was make pretend, her story garnered flack to the extent of being featured on the UK news channel known as Channel 5.

With Visa fees costing £2300 , the donations exceeded the asked amount on her gofundme account amounting up to £4700 pounds which further raised eyebrows as to why she did not turn off the donations … And left many to assume that the video was a publicity stunt to get easy cash instead of doing what every hardworking immigrant does which is settle for odd jobs such as being a live in care taker of the elder or cleaning jobs.

Rutendo has however denied all the allegations in her most recent video stating

The fashionista seems to have learned her lesson the hard way of investing in a savings account instead of trying to please the gram fam.