GWERU – A 31 year Peter Hungwe died after being struck twice with a stone by Tamirira Moyo (19).
Midlands Provincial Police spokesperson Ethel Mukwende confirmed the incident which took place on February 25, 2018 in Chief Negove’s area.
“I can confirm the death of Hungwe who was killed trying to refrain Moyo from assaulting his 58-year-old mother and his 14-year-old sister over a missing bath soap,” said Mukwende.
Hungwe was at his homestead when he heard some noise from the accused’s homestead and he went to see what was happening. He found the suspect beating his mother and his sister and tried to refrain him. However, Tamirira allegedly picked a brick and hit him on the right side of the rib cage twice.
Hungwe fell down unconscious and was taken to Buchwa Police Station to make a report. He was taken to Matibi Mission Hospital where he was further transferred and died on his way to Masvingo General Hospital.
Mukwende urged the public to resolve disputes without resorting to violence.
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