IN a bizarre incident, a Masvingo man went berserk and axed three family members aged two, four and eight to death before attacking the siblings’ parents.

Munyaradzi Kudzizvara (39) struck the deceased, Anesu Dzinoruma (2), Margret Dzinoruma (4) and Leticia Dzinoruma (8) twice each on the head.
Kudzizvara, who was so determined to kill the whole family, left the axe stuck on Anesu’s head before dragging her out of the hut.
The siblings’ parents, Angella Kwangwari (30) and Ernest Dzinoruma (32) escaped death by a whisker after they stormed out of the kitchen hut and sought refugee from neighbours.
Masvingo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Charity Mazula, said Kudzizvara was arrested soon after committing the heinous crime.
He is assisting police with investigations.
She urged people to desist from violence and find amicable ways to solve problems.
“We will not hesitate to bring to book perpetrators of violence and criminals who put the law into their own hands,” she said.
The incident happened last Tuesday in Zimhungu Village under Chief Ndanga in Zaka.
“Ernest had gone outside to relieve himself when he saw Kudzizvara wandering around the homestead. He tried to chase him away, but Kudzizvara became violent and confronted Ernest who was half naked. The latter, sensing danger, rushed to a nearby homestead to seek refugee. Kudzizvara took advantage of Ernest’s absence and stormed into the kitchen hut. He grabbed an axe and struck Kwangwari on the left hand,” she said.
Ernest returned and entered into the kitchen hut intending to rescue his family, but before doing so, an axe-wielding Kudzizvara charged at him before the two wrestled. Kwangwari managed to get out of the hut and locked the door and left the three children outside.
The infuriated Kudzizvara returned with venom and destroyed the door using the axe.
He entered the hut and struck Leticia with an axe twice on the head before he pounced on Margret twice on the head.
The two died instantly.
He went on to strike Anesu on the head twice before he left the axe stuck on her head. He dragged her body outside the hut. She died a few minutes later.
Ernest teamed up with his relatives and neighbours and managed to apprehend Kudzizvara. They handed him over to the police.