AGNES Nxumalo (54) is furious after she caught one of her tenants allegedly ‘raping’ her male dog last week.

The dog owner from KwaMashu, wants the 23-year-old suspect arrested and is demanding a goat for a cleansing ceremony. Agnes said her son told her that the dog was howling strangely in the room of the new tenant.

“I went to investigate and when I looked through the cracks in the door, I saw the naked man kneeling on the floor ‘raping’ my dog. I called my neighbours and other tenants to witness the disgrace I had seen. The man was so busy that he didn’t notice people outside,” said Agnes.

Agnes kicked the door down and the suspect ran out naked.

“We found two used condoms on the ground and he was wearing a third one. The next day he came to apologise but I chased him out,” said Agnes.

She ordered him to leave his belongings and told him he can only have them back when he comes with a goat to cleanse her house.

Agnes went to the KwaMashu Police Station but she was not allowed to open a case.

“Cops told me to seek the suspect’s family and resolve the matter with them, but I don’t know where his family lives,” she said.

Alfred Mntungwa, the spokesman for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), said: “A bestiality case should have been opened. We would like to help Agnes get a case opened. We will take the dog for the sake of its safety.”