A sugar daddy decided to end his life after impregnating a 19-year-old girl.The man refused to take responsibility saying he had a wife and children to look after. He further argued that taking her would be a disgrace to the family.

Police confirmed the incident and said Samuel Mbombombo (54) of 1226 Gaza township in Chipinge killed himself after a misunderstanding with his girlfriend, young enough to be his granddaughter, Nancy Myzungunde (19) of the same Township.

It is alleged that when Nancy informed her sugar daddy who was 35 years older than her that she was two months pregnant, Sekuru Mbombombo failed to take the news lightly. he refused to take responsibility of the pregnancy. The elderly cheating man further accused his youthful lover of dating younger boys of her age since they had no plans of getting married. The sugar daddy thought all his teenage lover wanted from him was money and not a baby.

The sugar daddy told his ‘sweet 19’ to abort since the baby would disturb his future plans but the pregnant teenager objected and remained bold on staying with him. The ‘mother to be’ further revealed to her elderly ‘boyfriend’ that she was even ready to become his second wife than to become a single mother.

“Sekuru Mbombombo told the teenager that he had nothing to do with the pregnancy since they used protection. Nancy begged him to sleep with her in his bedroom but Sekuru Mbombombo refused saying that the relationship was over. They spent the night together but in two separate rooms. In the morning at around 7am, Nancy prepared breakfast and went into his lover’s bedroom to wake him up,” said Manicaland Deputy police spokesperson, Asst Insp Luxson Chananda.

“When she got in, she found him rolling on the floor. Froth was coming out of his mouth and nose. She found a suicidal note stating that he had taken poison. he wrote that he had killed himself because he didn’t want to take responsibility of another man’s child,” he added.

After reading the letter, Nancy screamed for help. She informed Sekuru Mbombombo’s parents that their son had committed suicide over her pregnancy. Together with her ‘in-laws’, they rushed him to Chipinge District Hospital where he died on arrival.