A Harare Man has been dragged to court by her wife for excreting in bed as well as using his stool to write graffiti on the toilet walls.

Babra Kadzere dragged Previous Chimanga to the Harare Civil Court seeking a restraining order against him for assaulting and insulting her in the presence of the children and neighbours.

“Your Honour this man is an absolute drunkard, when drunk he beats and chases me way from our home even in the middle of he night. He also wets the bed and excretes in them too, so much that not a week passes without me washing the clothes.
I scrub the toilet everyday for he takes his fa*ces and writes on the wall with it”, lamented Kadzere.

In his defence, Chimanga shamelessly claimed:” I have never beaten her your honour, nor insult or chase her as she claims. I last beat her many years ago. I love her so much and as such i have no reason to abuse her. We get along well, but about the bed wetting, it might be true since i would be completely intoxicated- she always washes the blankets, so i have no idea what would have happened”.

His wife then interrupted him, claiming he was lying to the court.” This man is lying, one of the days he came to my workplace scrounging for money for beer, when i refused to budge he then threw away all my wares and beat me up in front of my customers. she added that after she had given him the court papers he then went on to change all locks and keys for the house, right now i am staying with some relatives because i have no keys to the house. He also sold most of our household property to settle his debts.