IN a bid to push his wife to the edge and get red-carded, one member of the Apostolic Sect in Sizinda has resorted to bringing hookers to their matrimonial home so that the wife dumps him.

Prophet Andrea Ian Kamuara reportedly hired services of a p.rostitute and brought her home.

As a man on a mission, he took pictures of the woman lying on the bed and cuddling with him before intentionally leaking them and making sure his wife Sarah Lunga sees them.

After Lunga had seen the pictures, she confronted her husband only to be given a shocking answer which she least expected of saying that he brought the prostitute home to poke her.

“When I received pictures of my husband and one of his so-called p.rostitutes cuddling in my bed, I could not believe it as I knew my husband as a servant of God, a prayerful man and there was no way my very own man could be chasing after hookers,” said Lunga.

Lunga decided to confront him about the issue not knowing that she was adding salt to the wound.

“I wanted us to resolve the problem, but when I confronted Kamuara about the issue, he plainly told me he did it deliberately to fix me,” said Lunga.

Speaking to B Metro Prophet Andrea Kamuara disputed the allegations of hiring services of prostitutes to fix his wife saying, ““This woman is a b**** she has been having affairs with Harare guys where she works.

“As far as I know, we are no longer together. You can go ahead and write what you want because there is nothing between me and Geli. She is my friend and we were just playing. This woman should leave me alone,” said Kamuara.

When contacted for comment the alleged prostitute only identified as Geli also dismissed Lunga’s reports.

“My boyfriend was there when we took the picture, there is nothing between me and Prophet Andrea Kamuara,” said Geli

Source-B metro