A SPECIAL team of police detectives on Sunday continued the investigation into the mass shooting of 11 people in Philippi, Cape Town.

Western Cape police spokesman FC van Wyk said there were no new developments to report concerning arrests for the shootings on Friday night.

“Currently it is very calm in Marikana (informal settlement). Our members are still in the area monitoring the situation,” he said.

The area had seen mass bloodshed in the past week. It was understood that community leaders had raised their concerns about crime in the area in at least two meetings with police commanders in September.

On Friday night officers responded to scenes at the Marikana informal settlement where four people were shot dead inside a tavern, three inside a shack nearby, one outside the shack and two others were found lying dead between the shacks in the area.

Another died later in hospital.

Around 300 residents stormed the Philippi East police station on Saturday afternoon, demanding that action be taken.