A tokoloshi has caused sleepless nights for a whole village in the North West province. The short figure was eventually captured by a Zimbabwean sangoma who had been hired to cleanse the village. A video is circulating on the world wide web showing the tokoloshi after it was captured. One thing stands out from the footage : it’s gigantic pe_nis.

Women in the area say the tokoloshi was used to violating them at night and would come in the door and mount them. The local chief’s wife also said the same and described how the tokoloshi bonked her 3 times in one night. “I couldn’t walk for three days”, she said.

When the sangoma came to the area, it is believed he traced the tokoloshi with his muthi and eventually caught it at one of the homesteads in the village. Villagers present at the cleansing ceremony say they were shocked. The tokoloshi was pitch black dark, very short, long hair, long fingers and a huge pe_nis. It is also said to have spoken in a strange language.

The sangoma who captured the tokoloshi said this was the first time he had seen something like this. “I have been a sangoma for over 50 years and have never seen such. This one is very powerful and I will help clean each woman in the village to get rid of the demons which the tokoloshi carried.”

Several women in the village also testified that they had a good night’s sleep for the first time since the tokoloshi was captured.

Source : MzansiJuice