Cape Town – A six-year-old child was shot and killed in Parkwood Estate in Grassy Park yesterday.
Police responding to the scene faced angry community members, who wanted to deal with one of the suspects detained by the police.
A police vehicle’s windscreen and body was damaged with a pick handle. Constables were also manhandled as community members attempted to get to the suspect, according to Community Policing Forum (CPF) spokesperson Philip Bam.
“The community is understandably upset and frustrated. Another child’s life was snatched away because of illegal firearms in the area.
“We understand the frustration of the community as they have been buckling under gang violence,” said Bam.
He assured the family that the CPF would work closely with the police to seek justice for the victim.
He called on the community to stay calm and not to take out their frustration on the police.
“Damaging the very resources that must help us is not the kind of response expected from responsible citizens.
‘‘We have warned in the past that the frustration of the community with the criminal justice system will spill over into irrational reaction, and urge the police to leave no stone unturned in bringing the perpetrator and his ilk to book.
“We demand that the guns be removed from Parkwood Estate and other suburbs in the Grassy Park police area.
‘‘This cannot continue as if it is normal. This calls for drastic measures,” said Bam.
He said the CPF realised that the Grassy Park police had tried their best to deal with the situation in Parkwood, Ottery and Lotus River, but they had not been effective.
“One more child in Parkwood taken from us is one too many. We say stop the violence now,” he said.
Police spokesperson FC van Wyk said four suspects, a female aged 20 and three males aged 27, 29 and 33, were arrested for murder.
Two police officers were injured and one vehicle damaged. Cases of public violence and malicious damage to property, and attacking police are being investigated.