Durban – A video of a twinkle-toed reveller, dancing with death atop a moving minibus taxi, as the sun rises over a Durban beach, has raised the ire of locals who say they have had enough of all-night parties.
Early on Sunday morning, Marc Siljebrandt posted the video – which appears to have been shot in the parking lot at Country Club Beach – to the eThekwini municipality’s Facebook page.
In it, a man is seen dancing atop a moving taxi, with a bottle in his hand.
The taxi doors are open and other men and women are seen climbing in and out of the vehicle and dancing alongside it.
The text accompanying the video read: “6am, all these drunk people are driving home. Glass, urine, rubbish, people having sex. When are you going to enforce our (bylaws)? How can you expect the rest of the population to enjoy our beautiful beaches when a small (few) destroy it? (sic)”.
Ward councillor Martin Meyer said on Sunday afternoon that he would be calling on metro police to come down hard on public drinking in the area.
The city had not yet responded to a request for comment at the time of publishing.