HARDLY anyone knows the name Molefi Kadi, yet people flock to him wherever he goes.
Once you see him, it easy to understand why.
That’s because Molefi, from Westbury in Joburg, looks like the late kwaito king Mandoza!
Some people pinch him to make sure he is not a ghost, but most Mandoza fans just take pictures of him.
Molefi told Daily Sun he believes the late Mandoza lives on through him.
The 32-year-old looks almost exactly like kwaito artist Mduduzi “Mandoza” Tshabalala, who died in September last year after a battle with brain cancer.
Molefi said Mandoza was his hero.
“I followed Mandoza’s life since I was a boy and he inspired me.
“He was in prison but became successful.
“That motivated me to do more with my life. He is my role model,” said Molefi.
He collects clothes and sunglasses like Mandoza used to wear to complete the look.
“My dream was to meet him some day but he died too soon.
“I wanted to attend his funeral but my friends told me that I would scare mourners away as I looked exactly like him.
“I would however love to meet his family one day to learn how he used to live, but only if they agree,” said Molefi.
The Mandoza lookalike often listens to his idol’s music.
“My favourite songs are Uzoyithola Kanjani and Respect .
“These tunes give me strength in many ways.”