WHEN Given told his family he kept hearing voices in his head, they didn’t take him seriously.
But now, Given Ndobe (31), from Nellmapius in Mamelodi, Tshwane, is dead and his shocked family is left with more questions than answers.
They found him hanging from the ceiling on Saturday morning.
According to his brother, Stanford (36), he started telling them earlier this year that voices were telling him to kill himself or to kill someone else.
“I dismissed his talk because I thought he was joking,” Stanford said.
He said he came home from work and knocked on Given’s door.
“No one responded but the radio was playing so I broke down the door. What I saw will haunt me forever.
“My younger brother’s lifeless body was hanging from the ceiling.”
He said he cut the rope and tried to rescue his brother but it was too late.
“I wish I knew what led him to do this, and what caused the voices in his head.”
Stanford described Given as a happy person who loved to help people.
He said he never showed any sign of having problems in his life.
He said he feels guilty that he didn’t pay attention to his brother when he told him about the voices.
“Maybe if I had taken him seriously, things would’ve turned out differently.”
Silverton police spokesman Captain Jan Sepato said an inquest docket has been opened.
Given was be buried on Sunday at Hatherley Cemetery in Mamelodi East.