Commenting on the increasing rate of crime and hijackings in South Africa, Minister of police Fikile Mbalula said on Saturday morning that though the rate of crime is worsening, it is on the other hand good for the economy and society.
“Just imagine if we didn’t have criminals, we wouldn’t need police officers and security guards. Meaning some people would be without jobs. I wouldn’t also be here to entertain you. People would also be careless, they would leave their houses unlocked, and such, and such. But now they lock their houses for protection. They buy locks, security cameras, alarm systems and such other things to feel safe; and on the other hand, creating jobs for these security companies we have today.” Mbalula said.
He continued and said: “Crime is everywhere, we can’t run away from that. You go to primary schools, you will find it. You go to parliament, you will also find it. It creates a balance in our communities. Just imagine living in a community of only holy people. That would be boring. Just imagine if tourists came to our country and walked around freely, that would also be boring, right? So an economy needs crime to grow.”