WHEN PHILISILE received the warning SMS from a stranger, she took action.
She hid in the wardrobe . . .
If it wasn’t for that message, she would have been dead today.

Philisile Sibiya from Ivory Park in Tembisa, Gauteng, told Daily Sun she received an SMS on Thursday morning warning her that people were coming to kill her.
If she hadn’t been warned, she would not have hesitated to open the door – and, according to Philisile, she would have been dead by now.
“Instead, I hid in the wardrobe with my two children,” she said.
“After midnight a group of men came to the house and called for her to open the door.”
But she didn’t move, she remained silent in the wardrobe, holding her kids, a nine-year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy, to her chest. Eventually, the determined men, who were apparently armed with pangas and knives, broke the window so they could break the burglar bars and get into the room.
Watching from inside the wardrobe, Philisile (36) could see death staring her in the face.
“I was praying hard, asking God to save me and my children.”
Then Philisile realised the men would not stop until they got into the house, so she jumped from the wardrobe and blew a whistle to alert the neighbours. Luckily, the attackers ran away.
“I was saved by that SMS,” she said.
“In the message this person, who didn’t identify himself, told me the people coming to kill me spoke Ndebele.”
She opened a case of intimidation and damage to property and cops are looking for the suspects. She has shown the cops the message.
“I don’t know who these people are. They may also attack us on the streets. I’ll only rest when they’re arrested,” she said.
“I fear for my children. I’m no longer free when they play outside,” she said.
Philisile also claimed her husband, Joseph Maunga, wanted to kick her out of their house.
“The house belongs to both of us, but he wants to sell it,” she said.
“I asked him where I must go and he said it was none of his business.”
Joseph confirmed to the People’s Paper he wanted Philisile out of the house because he had sold it.
He said he had no idea why anybody would want to attack her.
Captain Manyadza Ralidzivha said a case of intimidation and malicious damage to property was opened and cops were investigating.